Kendall County Forest Preserve District - Ellis Equestrian Center

As part of the 400-acre Baker Woods Forest Preserve, the Kendall County Forest Preserve District acquired a private horse facility with an existing home. Upland Design was brought in to create a master plan and phased improvements for the facility and how it connects with the larger site. After the master plan was completed, phase I construction documents were developed and constructed.The phase I project made the site available to the public as an equestrian center and event space.

Amenities added as part of the Phase I include:

  • Storage Shed—36’ x 48’ metal structure
  • Restroom Building
  • Accessible Walks throughout
  • Permeable Paving Entry Drive and Parking Area
  • Fenced Outdoor Storage Area
  • Seating and Picnic Areas
  • Welcome Kiosk
  • Landscaping