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Utilizing the nine key elements of Dynamic Play, Upland Design worked with community members, the Alderman and the Chicago Park District to create an innovative playground design that incorporates traditional play equipment and poured rubber mounds. The custom playground combines an accessible ramp structure with looping continuous play elements to form a unique and exciting experience. An assortment of activities with a varying range of difficulty keeps kids interested and engaged.

The new playground includes traditional and accessible seat swings along with a group tire swing. A play panel house with talk tubes provide a quiet 2-5 year old play zone. Undulating mounds and ramps connect climbers and slides to each other and the main plaza. A new central plaza provides a drinking fountain, tables, 20’ cantilevered shade sail for a comfortable experience for all users to the park.
A new splash pad replaced the continuous water spout with a new controlled system. The two new splash pad features provide more sustainable summer experience for the neighborhood while the alternating cycles are an interactive and fun.