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Forty-five acres of the historic Jay Woods property was acquired by the Kendall County Forest Preserve District for its amazing Hickory, Oak and Buckeye woodlands.  The site on the Little Rock Creek had been protected by the Jay Family, who settled there in the 1800’s. It has remained free from logging and much of its forest floor is covered with spring flowering ephemerals.

Upland Design prepared master plans for use in grant applications and then provided construction plans for development of the site into a public forest preserve.  The master plan created access into the forest with a sensitive approach to existing trees, spring ephemerals and the Little Rock Creek.

The site development located the entry road away from the base of a large Buckeye that was formerly recorded as the largest in the state.  A new picnic shelter was sited to complement the restored interpretive corn crib. New stone seating walls were built to form an outdoor classroom. Pathways that include an elevated boardwalk and overlook deck, form a walking loop with views to Little Rock Creek.