Upland Design worked with a team of Civil Engineers and Architects for the Chicago Public Schools to renovate the outdoor spaces and playgrounds at two public school locations. The project, funded in part by the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District and a partnership with Openlands and Heathly Schools Campaign, was created to improve the management of stormwater and create fun spaces that encourage healthy learning. Both school sites involved capturing runoff with permeable pavers and rain gardens. Raised planting beds and native plants were utilized to serve as learning tools for the children. New playground equipment, sports fields and play mounds were also incorporated to complete the transformation.

Upland Design served as the playground consultant from concept through construction implementation. Elements include playground pavement games, basketball areas, running tracks, play equipment, fitness equipment, rubber play mounds, seating and garden areas. As part of the playground improvements, Upland Design ensured equipment met safety and accessibility standards while working with the limited space.