• Richard Young - Perspective

The Kendall County Forest Preserve District acquired a new site with high quality woodlands and creeks.  To bring the community into the site while protecting existing wetlands, Upland Design was engaged.  The site development was funded with the assistance of an Illinois Department of Natural Resources OSLAD grant.  Upland Design worked closely with the preserve’s namesake, Richard Young, and the staff of the Forest Preserve to ensure their goals were met.

The development of the site was about restraint and a light hand was used in the woods, prairie and on the creek.  The picnic and parking areas were placed where the site had previously been regraded.  This allowed for preservation of higher quality areas and elimination of invasive plants. The project won an IDNR award for design.  Site elements include:


  • Large Group Picnic Shelter
  • Paved Walks and Restroom Building
  • Classroom Shelter at prairie edge
  • Stone Council Ring and Fire Pit
  • Crushed Limestone Trails
  • Overlook Decks and Seating Areas
  • Interpretive Signage
  • Parking Lot and Access Drive