Shabbona Park

Shabbona Park is a major activity center for the Dunning Community on Chicago Northwest side.  Included in the community centers extensive programming is a large special needs program for children in the area. Upland Design redesigned 15,000 square feet of the park with an exciting new accessible playground and splash pad for this Chicago Park District community.

The playground renovations includes a tot play area, a 5-12 year old structure as well as music panels and plenty of swings. The custom play equipment was designed with kids in mind.  A  new ramp leads kids up to fully accessible decks and looping play circuits give kids endless options for hours of fun. A challenging 10’ deck allows kids to climb to the top for a birds eye view of the park and slide all the way back down. Rubber surfacing runs throughout the playground providing a resilient and accessible surface.  The natural colors of the surfacing with a fun river and islands design add an extra dimension to the play experience.

As a former wading pool, the splash pad was upgraded to provide accessible paving and access for all users. Now, multiple jets and misters fill the space for kids of all ages and abilities to enjoy. With neighborhood and park staff input, the renovation reflects the desires of the residents and provide additional seating for everyone to enjoy.