Simmons Park

Simmons Community Park received a complete renovation  with the assistance of an Illinois OSLAD grant. The park a popular football, soccer and baseball venue needed improvements to meet ADA requirements and repair heavy use areas. Upland Design prepared design development plans, construction documents, permit applications, and publicly bid the project for the Fox Valley Park District.

In addition to the accessibility improvements, two ball fields were renovated and many new elements were added to enhance recreational opportunities within the park. A community sized playground for two to twelve year olds, a large picnic pavilion, and restroom with storage space provide new activities and comfort for park users. Rain gardens now add beautiful educational opportunities as well as handle stormwater from the parking lot. New boardwalks offer access through the rain gardens  to the new multi-use trail system connecting to adjacent schools and the surrounding community.  Finally, the Park District wanted to make this park an example of “green” infrastructure improvements within the park system. To complete this goal the following elements were included:
• Permeable Paving Parking Lot with Bike Racks
• Stormwater system directed into native plantings in Bio-Swales and Rain Gardens
• Native Perennials, Grasses and Shade Trees
• Protection of Existing Tree Stands
• Recycled Content Site Furniture and Play Equipment
• Natural Lighting and Instant Water Heaters in Restrooms