Stonebridge Woods

Stonebridge Woods Park is a new community park site in the Village of Homer Glen.  The project was the first Illinois Department of Natural Resources OSLAD grant application and award to come to the Village when it was only five-years old.  Upland Design assisted the Village in preparing the grant, holding public input meetings, designing the park and overseeing project construction.  To implement the ambitious park plans and stay within the approved budget, the Village teamed with a local developer early during the park development for a portion of the work.  The Village then contracted out the remainder of the work.


The playground has special meaning for the nearby kids as there was no place for 2-12 year olds to actively play.  The new playground incorporates rubber surfacing, concrete paths and engineered wood fiber together for highly accessible play.  The equipment includes colorful slides, climbers, talk tubes, balancing pieces and swings.  Drawings of insects were added as a fun design element throughout the play area.  A short hill for rolling down adds even more variety to the play options.