• Wheeler Control Panel
  • Spaceship Tower
  • SaturnBench

Wheeler Park is a large community park within the Geneva Park District system. Upland Design was brought in to update the playground to improve accessibility and play value while renovating the equipment and surfacing.  Using the nine key elements of Dynamic Play, Upland Design created a new playground with a space exploration theme. This space age playground combines learning with fun.

The play area is layered with three levels of activities on the largest structure, a space ship. Orbiting the space ship, planet and asteroid mounds, climbers and other space elements offer kids a range of challenges and activities.  A custom “control panel” urges visitors to find our solar system’s planets scattered throughout the playground. Panels built into the handrail map out important moments in space exploration history.  Swings, talk tubes and traditional play elements were also incorporated into the learning environment to engage all kids and provide activities for everyone.

Accessibility is a key consideration for this project with a ramp onto the space ship and several ground level elements for fun, interactive play. Seating areas with shade were carefully implemented to meet visitors needs