Aux Sable Springs Park

In 2018, Upland Design, Engineering Resources Associates, and Charles Vincent George Architects began a master planning process for an open space site along the Aux Sable Creek. The Village of Minooka and Kendall County Forest Preserve had jointly purchased the natural areas along the creek and woodlands while the Village solely owned the farm land. The team implemented a input process to garner feedback on project amenities and enhancements inviting the public to public open house meetings with written surveys. The plan was developed with the Village Park Committee weighing in at various stages until the final plan was adopted. Upland then wrote an OSLAD grant which was awarded. The team created construction documents and the project was permitted. Phase I construction was completed in January of 2021. The current project includes a canoe launch, two parking lots, asphalt and crushed stone trails, a council ring, playground, savannah and wetland enhancements, three ball fields, a soccer field and a lacrosse field.

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Village of Minooka with Kendall County Forest Preserve


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Aux Sable Park - Benches
Aux Sable Springs Park - Master Plan - Upland Design
Aux Sable Park Playground
Aux Sable Park - Map
Aux Sable Springs Park - Plans - Upland Design
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