Fairview Park Playground

Fairview Park is a neighborhood park that serves a large multi-family population area in St. Charles, Illinois. Despite a large user group there were previously just a few built elements. To activate the park site, new recreational amenities were explored and shared with the public through an open house format.

Residents shared an overwhelming enthusiasm for a new playground so that was the first feature built. This followed with a second phase play area expansion. The equipment layout is focused on creating loops of play from one piece to another and over a rubber play mound. Overhead, custom flowers dance in the trees to create a magical feel to the park. Multiple types of swings are included to give kids of all abilities the chance for movement through the air. Seating, shade and a drinking fountain are nearby to give caregivers comfortable spaces to rest. A partially fenced lawn panel provides space for more play and buffers the child area from the street.

Project Details


St. Charles Park District



Fairview Park Playground - Rubber Mound
Fairview Park Playground Flower Talk Tube
Fairview Park Playground - View of Park
Fairview Park Playground - Swings
Iron Oaks Plaza Concept
Fairview Park Playground - Boy Climbing