Illinois Department of Transportation, Various Projects

As the landscape architectural sub-consultant to Hey and Associates, Inc., Upland Design is assisted with IDOT District One Bureau of Maintenance in right of way landscape observation, maintenance and plantings.  From screen wall plantings, to removal of invasive species, Upland worked with communities, local agencies, IDOT staff and other consultants to get the best results.

Upland Design provides identification of natural areas and inventory mapping along interstate corridors as well as primary routes. Data is then added to GIS maps for consultant and IDOT use. The geo-database is used to create vegetation maintenance maps throughout the district.  This work leads directly to the removal of invasive species with integrated vegetation management plans and schedules to aid in the eradication of these species. Upland Design’s scheduling, observation and monitoring of herbicidal applications and mowing is a key component to this process. This work also includes the identification of hazardous trees for removal, trimming and saving quality trees.  Reports and plans were created to assist the District in creating higher quality right of way natural areas.

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Upland Design - Chicago Fire Complex Artificial Turf
Upland Design - Chicago Fire Complex Landscape
Upland Design - Chicago Fire Complex Landscape