Peck Farm North

Geneva Park District planned the expansion of Peck Farm to the north for over twenty years with a desire to create trail connections and unique stopping points that tie the spaces to the land with both history and lore. The design was implemented with the guidance of Upland Design. Custom seating and signage was designed with granite cobbles in gabion styled outdoor furniture. The designs represent the historic property and township markings used across Kane County by homesteaders. A stopping point along the paths includes a sun dial that uses each visitor as the center point to find the time. Custom numbers in granite form the arc of solstice set with pavers. Another location at a hill top creates a look out for sunrise viewing at the solstice. The angle is set perfectly to frame the sunrise through a corten steel cut art piece that nods to the Park District logo. Basalt columns and headstone welcome visitors to the hill top. The expansion opened in fall of 2020.

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Peck Farm Overlook Deck
Peck Farm North - courtyard
Peck Farm North - Park
Peck Farm North - Farm Overview
Peck Farm North - Playground
Peck Farm North - Bench
Peck Farm North - covered seating
Peck Farm North - Bench 2
Peck Farm North - Bench 2
Peck Farm North - Sign