Wheeler Park Playground

Wheeler Park is a large community park within the Geneva Park District system. Using the nine key elements of Dynamic Play, Upland Design created a new playground with a space exploration theme. The tallest element, a spaceship, is three floors of fun. The fun continues with planets and asteroids coming out of the engineered wood fiber where the space ship landed. There is a learning component as visitors are invited to find our solar system’s planets scattered in the playground. Accessibility is a key component for this project with a ramp onto the space ship and lots of ground level fun elements for interactive play. Seating and shade can be found throughout the play area giving parents and kids places to hang out, rest and watch the fun.

Project Details


Geneva Park District



Wheeler Park - Saturn Bench
Wheeler Park - Control Panel
Wheeler Park - Rubber Mounds
Wheeler Park - Little Tikes
Wheeler Park - Spaceship Small
Shabbona Park - Site Plan