Wheeling Town Center

As lead landscape architect on the multi-disciplinary team, Upland Design leads the creation of plans and presentations for the outdoor spaces at this multi-use development in the core of the municipal district. Located at the south side of West Dundee Road, it will serve as a new town center for Wheeling.

Design work includes site and streetscape planning for commercial, restaurants and residential spaces.  A key element of the plan is the Village Green, a plaza and green space created to serve as a meeting space for the town.  Amenities include landscape plantings, a sculptural focal point, site furniture, lighting, street trees and paving.

In addition to the public spaces, Upland Design is creating private recreation spaces for the new multi-story residential building.   Facilities include an outdoor pool, fireplace, plaza seating, shade structures, bocce ball, a mini-golf green and meeting areas.

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Upland Design - Engstrom Park Playground
Upland Design - Engstrom Park Playground