Goodbye 2020 and Welcome 2021

There are so many things from 2020 that we all would like to leave behind. Masks? Social Distancing? And the whole darn Pandemic! What was a challenging year has also brought some leaps in our work including technology, Zoom, working from home and one of the most important: the way communities have embraced their outdoor spaces! Streetscapes turned into outdoor dining. Parks become the central destination for outings. Nightly walks and waving to neighbors…and lots of new pets!

The offices at Upland Design may be different now, but our work has not faltered. Our team has adapted to the new era so that we may continue to deliver the same high-quality work on which we pride ourselves. Just how has 2020 changed Upland Design?

One word: Zoom. Thanks to the age-of-the-internet, the transition from in-person interactions to virtual has been almost seamless (not accounting for how often Fluffy interrupts a meeting). Upland Design has taken our process virtual, with public input meetings being held via Zoom to comply with new regulations. In these digital interactions, we are still able to survey participants in real-time and generate feedback. Overall, we utilize the tools available to ensure communities are heard, so we may design engaging spaces with their needs and wants in mind.

With so much time spent indoors, communities have developed a new appreciation for the ability to Go Outside. Working from home, children’s homeschooling and community activities have generated a need for interaction in nature. We have designed dozens of parks, playgrounds, and outdoor spaces that encourage safe, family-friendly ways to play, explore, and have fun. Each new park and playground was embraced as a much needed respite to 2020!

As we dive headfirst welcoming 2021, Upland Design will continue to practice safety in the workplace, while looking forward to when we can all meet again in person. We hope this year of rebuilding will see continued growth as we take part in designing spaces that bring communities outdoors and together!