Rain Gardens


Rain gardens have multiple benefits that can solve common drainage problems from a community playground to the edge of a parking lot. They are beneficial for our pollinator friends, and they are also good for preventing soil erosion. Rain gardens work by using deep-rooted plant species inside of a depressed bed that traps storm

Swallow Cliff Gets A Second Set of Stairs

2020-09-02T01:04:43-06:00Construction, News|

Swallow Cliff is a 100ft-high bluff that formed around 12,000 years ago from glacial action. Today it is best known by its 125 limestone stairs built in 1930 as part of a CCC project. The original limestone stairway is historic and allows visiting athletes to work out in a natural setting. Whether visitors take

Orland Park Nature Center Celebrates Soft Opening

2020-06-19T08:47:49-06:00Construction, News|

On June 3rd, the Orland Park Nature Center celebrated its soft opening. Mayor Keith Pekau led the opening with the village’s Board of Trustees, Open Lands Commission, and Upland’s own Michelle Kelly, Liz Dafoe, and Heath Wright. Trustee Kathleen Fenton had the honor of cutting the red ribbon. The two-acre site will join Orland

Upland Design Assists the Illinois Tollway Tree Project

2022-05-09T11:19:35-06:00Construction, News|

Arbor Day 2018 marked the announcement of major changes to Illinois highways. The Illinois Tollway released a master plan to add 58,000 trees within the next three years. Upland Design plays a crucial role in the installation of these trees along the I-90 corridor. Upland's professional services provide Construction Management with two contracts. As

Landscape Structures Visit

2019-10-29T15:06:21-06:00Construction, News|

Last week, Upland team members Michelle, Maria and Liz visited playground equipment manufacturer Landscape Structures headquarters and factory in Delano, Minnesota. The Upland Design team accompanied Rick Bieterman from Nutoys Leisure Products and met with Pat Faust, President of Landscape Structures, and David Smith, Vice President of Sales to see what's new at LSI.

Palatine Has Two New Playgrounds

2022-05-04T08:34:49-06:00Construction, News|

Need another reason to Go Outside?  Visit two new playgrounds within the Palatine Park District system.  Lindberg Park and Dutch Schultz Park's both have brand new playgrounds with the help of Upland Design. Each include lots of climbing and sliding!  At Lindberg the shelter and walks have been renovated as well.  If you travel to

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