Arbor Day 2018 marked the announcement of major changes to Illinois highways. The Illinois Tollway released a master plan to add 58,000 trees within the next three years. Upland Design plays a crucial role in the installation of these trees along the I-90 corridor.

Upland’s professional services provide Construction Management with two contracts. As the Resident Engineer, Upland’s team oversees the inspection of plant material, suitable location identification, and field adjustments. Additionally, Upland Design works with contractors maintaining the plant material for successful outcomes of a greener Tollway.

The tree planting and maintenance work will continue for the next four years and the master plan implementation will help stabilize local soils, filter stormwater, control snowdrifts, and improve the beauty of Illinois.

upland Illinois tollway landscape loader
upland Illinois tollway planting trees
upland Illinois tollway tree landscape